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Why waste time filling out countless applications only to find out that you're over or under-qualified for a position. Most sites aren't clear about the their requirements and have you jumping through hoops for days, and in some cases weeks, before declining your application. We're here to fix that!

What will you find in
"60+ Work From Home Proofreading Jobs"?

1. An Instant Overview of the Best Sites

We provide an easily organized list of the best sites THAT ACTUALLY HIRE

2. A Breakdown of All Requirements

You'll no longer need to guess if they require experience or a degree before applying

3. Multiple Ways of Finding Jobs

We'll show you where to find jobs as well as websites that have clients find you

4. Region-based Breakdown

Which sites are best to apply to if you live in a specific country and which accept proofreaders from anywhere

Limited Time Offer at Only $15

We've been in the proofreading business for many years and we know how difficult it can be to find legitimate opportunities. You could sign up to a 50 different sites, and instead of getting job offer - you simply get spam mail.  There are lots of places to apply online but it can be hard to find opportunities that are not scams. We've all been in a position where we didn't know where to start, so we've created this book to help others in a similar situation.

I'm sick of books promising 100200 or even 500 Sites to Find Proofreading Jobs Online. 99% of those sites are useless or dead. We want to provide you with quality over quantity - not just list every site we come across in Google.

This book contains over 60 legitimate opportunities for proofreading work. There are directory listings to find jobs, marketplaces to grow your client base, and (the lesser-known but very valuable) resume-hosting sites. We've even added in a bonus section of useful software and courses that would benefit even the most talented proofreaders.

Could you find some of these sites on your own? Maybe. But it could take you days of research and many would only show up with specific keyword searches in Google. This guide will streamline your job search and help you spend less time with the boring bits.

We priced our book very reasonably for one important reason - we know that there is lots of work available and we want the best candidates to find it. 

Immediate Download

You will receive your guide within minutes of ordering. We have available for instant download!

Portable Format

You will receive your book in PDF format, so you can read it at home, on your phone while traveling, etc with Adobe PDF Reader

Available Worldwide

Our guide can be used by anyone, anywhere. If you're interested in working as proofreader, it doesn't matter which country you live in.

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I went from getting an occasional client every so often to having to turn them down because I'm so busy. Unbelievable!

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It's official - I am now completely self-employed. I've left my crappy 8-5 job for good.

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